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Our Services

Our Services

We have built solid relationships over the years with various key factories. These include factories that manufacture Intimate wear, Apparel, Infants, Home Textiles, Footwear and Accessories for international brands.

Our factory base are located across South Africa, India, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Mauritius, Madagascar, China and Portugal.

We offer the following services to assist you on improved products to your clients:

Factory & Compliance Services

  • Factory Sourcing
  • Factory Compliance according to SA Retailers
  • Assisting factories with the onboarding process of SA Retailers
  • Factory training & implementing processes

Creative Services

  • CAD Facilities
  • Development of Techpacks – based on samples or photographs

Management, Monitoring & Administration Services

  • CPM reports, updates on each stage of production – improving OTIF
  • Quoting and monitoring factory timelines
  • Garment specification & development
  • Garment re-engineering – how to be able to keep the same look/feel, but able to make it more cost effective and factory friendly
  • QA & QC Services

Garment Specification & Development

We work from samples or photographs and need the following information, based on the retailers’ requirements:

  • Size ratio,
  • colours (swatches or pantone colours ref),
  • fabric requirements (composition & weight),
  • print or embroidery details,
  • labels,

and all packaging.

Fit samples will be made in the correct quality and weight. 

Production samples will be submitted, and bulk will commence on final approval.  Prices are based on quoted styles, if changes are to be made, price will be subject to modification accordingly.

Compliance, Quality and Sustainability

Compliance is an independent evaluation to ensure that the manufacturer is following the laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the country of manufacture. We as a service provider would ensure that the factories we recommend to our clients are fully compliant with regards to the local laws as well as their client unique compliance requirements once these are shared with us. The process below would be followed:

  • Pre-audit: It includes planning and organising the audit; establishing the audit objectives, scope and etiquette; and reviewing the design of the program by inspecting documentation
  • On-site audit: It includes conducting personnel interviews, reviewing records, and making observations to assess program implementation
  • Post-audit: It includes briefing the management on audit findings, and preparing a final report

Quality is built into the product. We would look at the manufacture from start to finish (tech packs for style and size guidance). As a service provider, we would ensure that the product is placed in the correct manufacturing facility to meet the quality level required.

From a quality perspective, we would look at:

  • The patterns, fabrications, trims
  • Ensure the products lines are set up correctly and have the required quality checks
  • Ensure that end product meets the minimum acceptable level of quality
  • Ensure that the fabrication, trims etc are correct
  • Reduce material waste and defect rates
  • Improve the operational efficiency
  • Higher customer satisfaction

Level of inspections that we would offer in order to achieve the quality requirements:

  • Pre-production
  • Fabrics for testing (Sample sent to client nominated facility)
  • Trim test (Sample sending to client nominated facility)
  • In-line
  • Final AQL
  • Client specific Inspection request

Sustainability is the focus on reducing the enviromental impact that the fashion industry has on the enviroment. This would include the supplier use of eco friendly materials, organic cottons, hemp and bamboo as well as recycled fabrics. It also looks at the suppliers implementaion of sustainable production practices by using less water and energy.